Hey guys, today I really wanted to share this tarot card spread that I came up with when I was struggling with artist’s block! When you’re suffering from a creativity block you can become super frustrated and annoyed with yourself, but I find that if you take out 10 mins or so to try and address the situation in a detached way, things can become a lot less stressful. With this spread we ask What is blocking our creativity? How we can unblock our creativity? And how we can keep our creativity flowing? This spread is set up to open up a discussion with ourselves so we can identify the problems we may have not recognised before, and how we can keep the stream of creativity flowing once we’ve unplugged that sucker!

Here are the cards that I got!


I’m too set on seeing all my hopes and dreams come true. So much so that before I even consider if an illustration concept would be fun or interesting, I’m already thinking if other people would like it, buy it and get me to where I want to be financially. I need to surrender these desires more and focus on what I enjoy creating. If I illustrate purely for the love of it, not only will my creativity flourish but my hopes and dreams will be closer to becoming tangible naturally.HOW CAN I UNBLOCK MY CREATIVITY? – JUSTICE
Decisions need to be made. Creative decisions, non-creative decisions, all the decisions! The more I work my brain and problem-solve, the easier it will become. When I am able to make sound decisions and trust in my own judgement, I can quickly get through ideas and already know which will make great concepts to work on and what to forget about. Through this process more ideas becomes even more ideas and the stream of creativity becomes more free.

The Star is all about being hopeful and maintaining peace of mind. If I focus on cultivating my mind to be positive, hopeful and serene, then the creativity will be in full flow. Stress is a main factor that contributes to my art block, so being able to manage that gives me the best chance to avoid blocks altogether. To combat stress and promote peace of mind, I am currently experimenting with a gratitude and meditation practice. I’ve read that these two practices are great at minimising the effects of stress, so if it works for me they may be an invaluable way for me to keep my creativity flowing too!

So thats just a quick example showing the cards I drew and my current situation with art block. I hope you find this spread helpful and if you want any help deciphering your own cards then just drop me a tweet!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own Tarot deck, there are Tarot apps that you can get for your phone that will work just as well!


Welp, it’s been a while since I set some monthly art goals, wanna know why? Well my last set of goals made me into a complete mess!! I set goals that I just could not keep up with, which made me feel really crappy about myself & my work, and ultimately burnt me out. So why am I back making more goals? Am I daft?! Maybe.. but I really do believe that goal setting is vital for self-improvement, so I have three new goals for this month. I’ve also purposefully made the goals quite easy to accomplish just so I can ease myself back into this process.. and not go through what happened last time!! So here are the three things I’m going to be focusing on this month!

The most foolproof way get better at something, is just to keep doing it! If I wanna get better at illustrating then I need to make more illustrations! Since I’m doing my #100days project at the moment I have been barely drawing anything else as it’s been keeping me quite busy, I think I can manage to get one separate illustration completed each week though!

I adore looking at plants & insects, and I really enjoy drawing them too! My illustrations have featured a number of beetles and moths in the past but I would love to expand my repertoire and get even more creepy-crawlies involved. Plants too, I love drawing different types of leaves but I really struggle with flowers, so getting some practice in will be super helpful!

Pretty much all of my artwork is done in black indian ink right now and I really love the medium, but I’m not really playing around with it and seeing what it can do. I know that ink is incredibly versatile, I just haven’t been versatile with it yet. This is the month where I will change that and hopefully develop some new techniques for my work!

As I said they’re easy goals, but it’s also very easy to fail at any goal so I think these are a good restart point for me. If I don’t manage all of them then I’m going to try to not beat myself up about it, I can’t afford to hit another art block like the last one!

​Let me know what you think of the goals I’ve set and if you have any goals for this month!

Affirmations are a relatively new edition to my spiritual practice but have already proven to be fun and very helpful! Essentially an affirmation is a short sentence that you repeat over and over until you start truly believing it. They can motivate and inspire you depending on the affirmation you use, and through the power of the subconscious mind these short powerful sentences begin to affect our habits, behaviours and more! The fun comes from the creativity behind it, of course you can google “Affirmations for blah blah” but I find it really fun to come up with my own affirmations as they then feel more personal. I encourage you to come up with a few affirmations for yourself if this resonates with you, but if not or you would like a starting point, then I have decided to share three affirmations that I use throughout my day to help me in specific situations!


Sometimes we just need an extra boost of confidence and I find this affirmation helps me feel confident and to trust myself. I struggle a lot with confidence and self-belief so this one has been super helpful, especially in stressful situations!


This one is great for when I’m feeling sad, lonely and just generally poopy. Repeating this over and over makes my mind think about all the people in my life who support me with their love, which then makes me feel grateful for them and that I am able to reach out to them when I need to. It’s not always a magic fix, but I find that it definitely helps!


As a very nervous and shy person I am also prone to becoming stressed easily. This affirmation allows me to almost “step out of myself” for a minute and just become mindful. Sometimes the stresses in life are really silly little things that seem bigger than what they are, this is great for looking at situations through another perspective.

So those are the three affirmations that I use the most throughout my day, I have a few more that I use but they’re either creativity or spirituality related so I’ll talk about them in another post! I hope these were even just a teeny bit helpful or even better, have inspired you to write your own affirmations!